Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Mileage = 12 something something

I'd planned on doing a long ride after work today but got home a bit late. So I decided I would ride to WalMart and pick up a few items of the list. Milk, clothes pins etc. Bombing Range Road is closed for two weeks while they do the final paving on it. The detour winds around and adds at least another 2 miles each way. I didn't mind at all.

What I did mind was how few registers were open at WalMart and only 2 of the 8 self check outs were open. It was getting dusk out and my permit only allows daylight driving so in disgust I parked my cart in the middle of the magazine aisle and headed back home. Didn't break my heart one bit. We could live without milk and clothes pins.

15 - 20 mph winds made riding interesting! UPS says my new jacket will arrive the 18th. By then I should have enough seld imposed 40 mph training miles under my belt to venture east of the by-passs and go show Vicki and Ginny my scooter!! I told my self not until I got the actual jacket.